Why Accent Insurance Services, LLC?

As an independent insurance agency, we have been helping the our clients in the Highland community and all around New York save on insurance since 1990. You can find the best value on auto insurance, home insurance, business insurance and more from several of New York’s most trusted carriers.

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What makes our agency stand out?

Our clients repeatedly tell us its our dedication to service. We pride ourselves in fostering relationships with our clients throughout the years of our partnership. We want our clients to become part of our Accent Insurance community. We enjoy sharing witty banter and conversation with our clients as we develop the best insurance solutions to meet their needs. It makes everyone involved enjoy the process. We want every client to leave interactions with us informed about their policies and with confidence that they’ve received the best service. Anybody can give you a quote. What separates us is the time we spend with you to ensure you have the best package for your situation.

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Another thing that makes our agency stand out is our commitment to our local community through our long-standing Accent Giving Back promotion. We were able to give out over $3,000 to the 3 local charities last year. It was so successful that we are doing it again in 2021!

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Work with an agency committed to serving you and the local community. Request a free online quote or call us at 845-224-3603 to start saving money on your insurance policies while assisting one of these worthy charities!

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